Brake Residual Pressure Valve - 2lb. - Disc

Brake Residual Pressure Valve - 2lb. - Disc
  • Item #: SSB A0764
  • Manufacturer: Stainless Steel Brakes, Corp.
Residual pressure valves hold a preset pressure from the valve to the brakes be it disc or drum. On some cars with the master cylinder lower than the brakes on each wheel, by holding a set pressure it insures that the brake fluid doe?s not siphon back into the master cylinder. Also as with the case of drum brakes the return springs on the brake shoes will collapse the slave cylinder where you would not have contact from the shoes to the drums with just one push on the pedal. With 10 psi residual pressure held, the shoes are held close to the drums for instant braking on the first push of the pedal.
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